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The success of any business depends highly on the availability of information. The traditional office set-up involves stacks and stacks of papers, which accumulate fast. Paper files are often hard to find. Records are usually misplaced. Or they may be borrowed by a co-worker and get lost in the process.

Those days are gone! Asian Business Solutions, Inc. (ABSI) delivers the cost-efficient solution to address these needs. EDCIS v1.0 (Enterprise Document Capture and Imaging Solution).

EDCIS v1.0 is an application designed for storage and retrieval of scanned documents. It delivers a cost efficient solution to manage paper files by allowing you to capture, convert, store and retrieve paper documents as digital images. This technology solution allows you to share online electronic documents and images within a group, scaling up to the whole department. Electronic document and image retrievals can be done in seconds, online and real time at your fingertips, without the risk of misplacing and losing important documents.

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