BASIC TECHNICAL AND SYSTEM SUPPORT is designed to meet the needs of customers who have qualified in-house Technical Specialist/s who need basic electronic and/or phone support and minimal onsite technical support from ABSI. Basic support provides standard Call-Back technical\phone support, which means that incoming calls and/or Technical and System Incident Reports are "queued" and ABSI Technical Support Specialist call the customer back to resolve issues. Principal Period of Basic Technical and System Support coverage at ABSI Customer Service Desk are: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays excluding legal and special holidays.

Incoming calls are received by our Customer Service Officer and documented in ABSI's Customer Support Form. In other instances, customers sends either electronically and/or via fax/mail , a completed Technical and System Incident Report. This report will be recorded by our Customer Service Officer. These forms will then trigger a call-back procedure whereby the ABSI designated Technical Support Specialist will call-back the customer for Incident Assessment and Resolution.
Technical and System Incident resolution may be done through phone, electronic and/or onsite support.

  • Customers have Unlimited Call-back Phone Support. ABSI Technical Support Specialist will provide phone analysis and diagnostics, troubleshooting and/or systems tuning based on the qualified and complete Technical and System Incident Report and/or Phone Inquiry sent by authorized Customer Support Contact/s.
  • Electronic Support and Access to ABSI Knowledge Base includes access to our Web site for valuable resources such as Frequently Asked Questions, Technical Bulletin, Report Procedures, and Additional Customer Support Information. Also included is access to our FTP server for file transfers and download of software patches. Email Technical and System Support is likewise provided for in the Electronic Support Program. Use of remote diagnostics by ABSI is also employed to expedite problem determination and resolution through the use of a customer-supplied modem.
  • Onsite Support


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